Silvana Avram

Find Lasting Happiness, Love, Success, and Fulfilment by setting yourself free!

Give yourself permission to Live Life with Joy!

Choose to Be Free and discover what it truly means to Be Happy!

“You Have a Gift to Share with the world.

Honour who you are.

Set yourself FREE!

Fall in Love with Life!

Live every day with Wonder and Joy.

Create a lasting legacy!

Don’t live for tomorrow, Live for Eternity.”

Silvana Avram

An empowering experience!

Whether you are looking to
  • Bring more Joy into your Life
  • Find more meaning and inspiration,
  • Forge a new direction in life,
  • Build up the courage and confidence to follow your dreams
  • Step into a leadership role and take more responsibility
  • Learn how to live on purpose and make a valuable contribution to society or simply…
  • Be happy…

Prepare to be blown away.

Working with Silvana is truly empowering, so expect big shifts and serendipitous discoveries.

Above all…

Get ready for a life-changing encounter with…yourself!

By choosing

  • a bespoke Coaching programme or
  • a group Coaching Workshop with Silvana,

You can be sure of one thing: Coaching with Silvana will focus on you – your uniqueness, your gifts, your personal experiences, and your strengths…to help you reconnect with your inner power, find your own answers, and forge your own path to success and fulfilment.

You deserve the best.

Don’t delay!

Focus on inspired living

Silvana helps you live an inspired life through:
  • Life coaching
  • Motivational coaching
  • Confidence coaching
  • Fulfillment coaching
  • NLP techniques

Silvana offers one to one sessions:

  • Via Skype
  • In person
  • Over the phone

Sessions are tailored to your needs and circumstances.

Silvana is also available for group sessions, workshops and seminars.

Book a private appointment to transform your life and celebrate who you are.

Feel empowered with life mentoring

Silvana offers tailored individual sessions to help you celebrate your uniqueness and inspire you to fulfil your dreams.

Silvana’s aim is to help you make your dreams become reality and for you to live a happy and harmonious life.

Expert Life Mentor

Are you looking for a Life Coach who can motivate you to achieve your dreams?

Choose Life Coaching With Silvana for empowering, transformational coaching that will inspire and support you to fulfil your destiny.