About Coaching
  • Do you feel that currently you aren’t reaching your potential and feeling fulfilled?
  • Is there a gap between where you are now and where you want to be?
  • Do you crave for more meaning and joy in what you are doing?
  • Do you sometimes feel you don’t have the skills, resources, or confidence to accomplish your goals?
  • Do you feel stuck and put off making decisions or fail to stick to those decisions you have made?
  • Are you ready to entertain new and fresh ideas?
  • Are you willing to be accountable for what you desire?
  • Are you wondering what the purpose of life may be?
  • Do you believe you deserve to be happy?
  • Would you like to create a lasting legacy?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then coaching can most definitely support you to be the best that you can be.

Coaching is a form of development, a process that aims to improve awareness and performance and focuses on the ‘here and now’ rather than on the distant past.

Coaching provides you with a valuable toolbox of techniques and practices, empowering you to transform your life, to look to your future with confidence, clarify your vision, pursue your dreams, and achieve your goals.

It is a structured conversation between the Coach and the Client.

Throughout the coaching journey your coach will walk by your side, will support you and inspire you,to help you reach your ultimate goal and fulfil your aspirations.

They will listen to you, ask questions, find out what your challenges are and empower you to reach that end goal.

You will be encouraged to make decisions and take responsibility for these decisions.

Coaching is not about your coach giving you suggestions or advice.

If that is what you are looking for, you may want to consider Mentoring or Counselling.

If you commence a series of coaching sessions and it is deemed that coaching is not the correct support mechanism for you at this moment in time this will be discussed with you directly to find a suitable solution to support your onward journey.

Different coaches use different models to structure their sessions. A popular and classic model is the GROW model, which is an acronym for the areas explored, Goals, Reality, Options and Way forward.

This basic but effective model keeps you moving forward towards your goal. Your coach will be asking you questions, listening to your responses, challenging you whilst all the time remaining non-judgemental regarding the details, and not offering you any advice.

Of course, Coaching is constantly evolving, and new strategies are incorporated all the time. Your coach will have developed a personal style, drawing on their experience from other fields of expertise.

Silvana has developed a unique, and uniquely joyous and inspiring style of Coaching. 
She has made Coaching for Joy and Fulfilment her priority because she believes that we are all entitled to, and able to create a life that is filled with Joy, Happiness, and Contentment.
Her positive and uplifting style will inspire you to see life with fresh eyes and will motivate you to believe in your unique gifts and share them with the world.
Relying on her many years of training, research, and experience both as a Coach and as a Teacher, Silvana uses her background in Cultural Studies, Philosophy and Spirituality to create a holistic style of Coaching, aimed at empowering you to get in touch with your own intuition, trust your unique way, find your true passion, and live authentically and freely.
No regrets, no judgement, and no possible failure!
Instead, Silvana believes that by staying open to learning and expanding, we have the power to constantly redefine our life and learn to live with gratitude and Joy.
Silvana wants you to know that you have all the answers you need and is determined to assist you in unlocking your full potential so you can get from where you are to where you want to be. She will listen to you, ask you effective, transformational questions and use powerful Coaching and NLP techniques to guide you towards clarifying your goals, exploring your current situation, identifying options, and deciding on manageable steps and actions that will lead you to achieving your goal.
You will be encouraged to make decisions and take responsibility for these decisions.
Expect powerful “Aha” moments and deep, transformative shifts in the way you see yourself, your life, and your place in the world.
Coaching with Silvana is guaranteed to help you bring instant positivity and Joy in your life, and help you create the life you truly deserve and desire.
For more info and insights into Silvana’s approach and philosophy, read the Coaching with Silvana Q&A section below.
Get in touch with Silvana today or see the programmes and packages available.

Coaching is predominantly carried out over Zoom/SKYPE, over the phone, or face to face. The usual procedure is that the client will contact the coach after arranging a convenient time and date.

In a normal session, you will be guided through a 6 point process.

  1. Review the previous session and the actions that you completed
  2. Set the goal for that session
  3. Consider where you are at the present moment, with this goal
  4. Consider your options in meeting this goal
  5. Agree on some actions
  6. Summarise the session before completing the session.

Every Coaching journey is different, and unique.

Whilst following a certain established structure is important, your sessions will be bespoke, totally adapted to you, your needs, your expectations, your personality and your goals.

Each session will be for a duration that you and the Coach have agreed on before, usually one hour. The Coach will manage the timing of the session and ensure you gain full value from the session.

In your initial conversation with Silvana, you will have the opportunity to decide what’s best for your schedule. Sessions can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly, but this can be adjusted according to your needs and preferences.

Sessions typically last from 45 minutes to one hour.

Silvana will offer extra resources, follow-up activities, and support for the entire duration of the coaching journey.

According to the package chosen, the frequency and content of the support may vary but rest assured that you will get all the support you need and more! Details about this will also be included in the initial Coaching Contract, once you have discussed and decided together.

Silvana is committed to supporting you at every step along the way. Every session will include an action plan to help you stay focused and motivated and take the necessary steps to achieve your goals. You can stay in touch with Silvana via email and over the phone.

Depending on your circumstances and what you would like to achieve, Silvana will give you a recommendation in your initial consultation.

There are several packages you can choose from or you can discuss with Silvana how you can tailor a bespoke package to suit your preferences.
Packages vary from “Quick Fix” to “Discovery” to “Lasting Transformation”.

If you want to create a substantial change in your life you should be considering embarking on a coaching journey for a period of 4 – 6 months, sometimes even longer.

A coaching session is completely confidential. The Coach has agreed to comply with the Coaching Code of Conduct that will be sent to you before signing the Coaching Contract.

Only in extreme circumstances will this confidence be breached. This includes the intent to cause harm to yourself or others or criminal acts.

Fees vary depending on individual programmes and budgets.

Group Coaching and webinars are a great way to benefit from world-class coaching with a modest investment.

Naturally, investment in one-to-one tailored programs is more substantial.

Several times a year, Silvana offers free discovery workshops. If you are interested visit our website regularly, register for updates, or email Silvana to find out more about upcoming events and offers.

To make sure that your time is being well spent with your Coach you are expected to come to the session fully prepared and with a goal or aspiration in mind that you would like to work towards.

Preparation is very important for the coaching session so you are encouraged to spend 15 minutes prior to the session taking yourself to an environment where you will not be disturbed, with a drink and feeling refreshed to relax prior to the start of the session. You will also need to ensure that you have a pen and paper to hand and any other items that you may think will be useful such as a diary.

You just need to choose one of the Coaching Packages on offer.

Once payment is received, Silvana will contact you to discuss your requirements in more depth and ask questions to find out where you see yourself at the moment, and what goals you want to achieve.

Silvana will explain what is included in the coaching Contract and talk you through the terms and conditions.

Together you will decide details such as the location, frequency, and length of sessions + the type of help you will receive in between sessions and the follow-up activities you may be required to do.

After all this is all about YOU!

Once you embark on the Coaching Journey prepare to be inspired and transformed.

Life will never be the same!

If you are not sure which package is best for you, you can contact Silvana by filling in the Contact form and requesting a free discovery conversation.

You can also enroll in one of our ongoing workshops. Silvana’s input, together with the positive energy and valuable contributions from other group members are guaranteed to inspire and motivate you!

Here is to your success, happiness, and fulfillment!

Coaching with Silvana
  • I open new perspectives.
  • I encourage people to live authentically and be at their best.
  • I help people in their quest to know themselves better and connect with their true vocation.
  • I help my clients overcome blockages and fears and transform their life by focusing on a positive goal.
  • I remind people of their uniqueness, abundance, beauty, strength, talent, resilience, and limitless possibilities.
  • I accompany my clients on their journey towards learning to love and appreciate themselves.
  • I support people in finding their purpose and committing to their mission.
  • I empower my clients to take responsibility, tap into their full potential and create the life they deserve and desire.
  • I empower people to follow their dreams and achieve their goals!
  • I inspire people to fulfill their potential and live life with joy.
  • I help my clients develop a sense of security and trust in life, in their unique path, and their valuable legacy in Eternity!

“I feel very privileged to be your life Coach.

As a Coach, I believe in your potential. I see your strength, your uniqueness, and your beauty.

My job is to hold a mirror for you, to accompany you on your exhilarating journey of self-discovery, so that you can leave behind any limiting beliefs you may have, rediscover your true essence, find the clarity and the courage to create the life you deserve and desire, honor your purpose, and embrace every day with confidence and joy.”

Inspiring people is my greatest joy.

I loved being a teacher and, building on my previous experience as a mentor, I wanted to go one step further.

I know I can inspire people, help them feel more confident, free, fearless, and empowered to follow their dreams and fulfil their potential.

For me, being a Coach is a privilege – and a duty I take very seriously.

Striving to be an excellent Coach, a “Master Coach” is my personal goal.

Helping my clients and students be the best they can be is my mission – my way of contributing to a better society, to a better world.

The bigger vision is to help my clients see the beauty and potential in themselves and others, replace conflict and divisiveness with acceptance and solidarity and aim to shift the story of humanity, to change the way we look at our lives, individually and collectively.

I believe that when we are aware, responsible, compassionate, and work together as one, we can create a better world.

Coaching has helped me see first-hand how unique, resourceful, and powerful each one of us is.

I enjoy shaking old beliefs and helping my clients discover new perspectives.

Accompanying my clients on their journey towards happiness and fulfillment is an honor for me.

Seeing people transform, open their wings and fly is incredibly powerful.

I love sharing with them those special, unforgettable moments of liberation and celebration!

Success to me is never just material. A successful person is a person who is happy with who they are, who has learnt to accept themselves and others and see the best in humanity, who respects life in all its forms, who keeps an open heart and mind, who feels fulfilled and content and radiates their contentment, their gratitude, and joy in all circumstances – thus making the world a better place.

As far as coaching is concerned – success is measured by the strength of the confidence my clients develop and consolidate on their journey. Confidence in their potential, in their mission and in their right and, I would say, duty, to be happy!

As human beings success is intimately linked with our sense of fulfillment and wellbeing, with feeling happy. Happiness comes from our ability to love ourselves and others and honor our unique contribution to the story of humanity.

I strive to make coaching accessible and fun, whilst ensuring that it is profoundly transformational.

In my workshops, just as and in my one-to-one sessions, the focus is always on respect and appreciation for our uniqueness and on trust in our individual and collective potential.

These are very positive premises, and they define the uplifting, empowering tone common to all our discussions.

There is a fine balance between challenging beliefs that are no longer useful and supporting people on their journey; between being honest and being compassionate and empathetic.

I am told that one of my strengths is my open-mindedness – my ability to think outside the box and to help my clients discover ideas and perspectives they had not considered before.

My clients also say that they feel deeply listened to, encouraged, and supported.

The feedback that most lights me up is that my unshakeable trust in my clients motivates and inspires them. It is true that I am very passionate about mirroring back to people their power and beauty.

Another dimension maybe my previous experience as a teacher. I know how to talk to the child in each one of us.

I see life as an extraordinary opportunity – I am always in awe at the beauty and richness of life, and I guess that shows in my approach.

Lastly, my background in Philosophy and humanities and my interest in Religious Studies and Spirituality have allowed me to create a uniquely rich style of Coaching. Mediation and technology, spirituality and science, poetry and business, music and economy…are not as separate as one would think!

  • Clarity and focus regarding their short- and medium-term goals and identifying their bigger vision
  • Clear steps and adapted strategies to achieve them
  • A deeper understanding of their potential, of their strengths and abilities
  • The courage to identify and improve on their potential weaknesses
  • An increased sense of contentment and well being
  • Acceptance, love, and compassion for who they are
  • Trust in their unique path
  • Increased Motivation and Resilience
  • Increased awareness and a sense of connectedness with all there is
  • A sense of living on purpose
  • The joy of knowing that by fulfilling their potential they also make a valuable contribution to humanity
  • A new approach to life, death and time, infinity, and eternity

They are in search formeaning – for more connectedness with their own richness and with others.

In a society like ours, so unilaterally focused on material and worldly success, investment in our inner world, in our intimate dreams and aspirations is rarely encouraged.

I find that more and more people are hungry for meaning and want to ask deeper questions about their place in society and about our place, as humanity, in the universe.

In my Workshops and Coaching sessions, I open space for these deeper conversations and clients find them extremely enriching, transformative, empowering.

It is important to talk about the fear of being unloved or unlovable, in order to learn to love ourselves and accept ourselves for who we are.

It is important to talk about our fear of death in order to fully live our life.

When we open up, when we accept our vulnerabilities and limitations – we learn to transform them into strength and positive energy.

Coaching offers that magical space where we relearn to look at life with wonder – where we re-learn to love ourselves and to respect the infinite potential that has been bestowed on us.

Coaching allows my clients to decide their own definition of success and happiness and live their life accordingly.

“Liberated”, “motivated”, “transformed”, “empowered”, “confident”, “happy”, “committed” are some of the words I hear all the time.

Without a doubt, the coaching journey equips my clients with the strength and serenity needed to confront everything that life throws at us and transform any challenge into an opportunity.

Many say that their life has been utterly transformed for good. That they now see themselves and their life in a completely different light.

One of the most powerful experiences comes from the fact that they are listened to – and that they learn to listen to their inner voice – they learn to reconnect with who they really are.

The fact that coaching represents an investment in themselves – a gift they give themselves, is extremely important. The time and attention we give ourselves teach us to love ourselves.

And when we love ourselves, we learn to love life, we accept and love others and the world.

It may sound exaggerated, but it is the honest truth.

Ultimately, coaching is a journey towards meeting our true selves and falling in love with life.

The words that most regularly appear in the feedback comments I receive are:

Inspiring, empowering, transformational, life changing, empathy, enthusiasm, sensitivity, positivity, humour, professionalism, friendly, warm, encouraging, understanding…

As for Coaching, many say they wish they had started Coaching earlier – but I believe that we must trust our intuition and follow the call when it comes. There is no need and no place for regrets.

But it is true that Coaching opens fresh perspectives and unleashes positive energy that is, very often, life-transforming.

Renewed trust in oneself and renewed purpose and motivation is the most common first consequence of starting a coaching journey.

After that, the stories speak for themselves. From the timid secretary with a diploma in fine arts who built confidence and gained the courage to open art exhibitions, to the headteacher who thought her career was over at 60 only to find the job she had always dreamt of, to the successful businessman who found strength, new meaning and purpose after the death of his wife – the stories are varied and as unique as each one of us – but all uplifting, touching and empowering for all of us.

Coaching is a wonderful adventure that can only enrich one’s life. There are no downsides. There are only advantages. You will be hugely enriched by taking on this journey. You will find more about yourself, relearn to listen to your intuition, find the courage to trust, respect, and follow your dreams, create the life you truly desire and deserve, and find that elusive path towards lasting happiness and true fulfillment.

Coaching teaches us to listen to ourselves and to each other.

My hope is that soon coaching will be seen as a necessary rite of passage and will be used extensively in schools and workplaces, not in a superficial, “corporate” form, but as a powerful tool that can help us connect with our essence and potential, bring more awareness and joy into our life and take responsibility for our individual and collective story.