Academic Manager, Scotland

“… made a huge difference to me and my outlook on life. At crossroads in my professional life, they helped me feel empowered and optimistic rather than overwhelmed and fearful. Challenging yet compassionate, Silvana supported me while I looked at options and helped me reflect on my skills, needs, and desires. I enjoyed every session and always felt energised and enthusiastic afterward.”

Jeweller, Hitchin, UK

“The impact that the coaching with Silvana has had on my life has been phenomenal. (…) An incredible and unforgettable experience! I felt that Silvana gave so much in our sessions and beyond, with positive energy, focus, belief, encouragement, professionalism, compassion and thought. An amazing person! I now believe in my work. I can create. I’ve changed the way I work and the way I live. I believe in my ultimate goals. We went so far in such a short space of time. A journey that I will never forget!”

English Teacher, Ireland

“Silvana is an intuitive coach and shows empathy which readily makes the client feel at ease. She has a very positive, caring, and radiant disposition which encourages confidence and openness. Silvana has been a consummate professional throughout, taking excellent notes and guiding me gently, but effectively towards achieving the goals I set for myself. With Silvana, I have progressed on all aspects of my life; she helped me to see my present reality more clearly and to put fears and concerns into perspective(…) Silvana is an excellent, inspirational life coach with excellent interpersonal skills, keen observation, and analytical skills, a wealth of background knowledge and a genuine concern for others.”

Expert Life Mentor

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