“I Choose to Be Happy. I Make Joy my Priority!” – Transformational Programme. Follow Your Dreams Fearlessly.


Transformational Programme
“I Choose to Be Happy. I Make Joy my Priority. I Follow my Dreams Fearlessly.”


Imagine what it will feel like to wake up in the morning with a big smile, feeling your heart sing with Joy!

You are determined to follow your dreams!

You want to live your life with Joy, no matter what!

Because…Life is worth living with Joy…and You Deserve to Be Happy!

Whether it is in the way you see yourself, in your career, in your relationships, in your social or family life – you feel that something needs to change, but you don’t know where to start.

You have a dream, but it seems so far away!

Know that you are not alone. I’ve been there too! And it is fair to say that the world around us is not exactly encouraging positivity.

But we can change this.

You can change this! Today! By making Joy your priority!

I guarantee that it will transform your life completely!

Making Joy your priority means making sure that you honour your gifts and listen to your heart. It means that you are determined to do everything in your power to be happy and to radiate positivity around you and in society.

Making Joy your priority is a gift you give yourself and humanity!

When you enrol in this comprehensive, Life Changing Coaching Program you give yourself permission to:

Live Life on Your own Terms: with Joy!

You will:

  • Instantly transform the way you feel about yourself and your life, by shifting your focus from judgement to gratitude, from worry to Joy.
  • Find lasting Joy by designing your own unique blueprint, to use in all circumstances, and in all areas of your life.
  • Create a new reality that better reflects who you are and who you want to be – by learning to tap into your limitless potential – with Joy!

Let’s work together to help you Transform Your Life with Joy and Creativity! 

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Decide today to Make Joy Your Priority!

You deserve to be happy.

And it is my joy to accompany you!

This profoundly transformational program includes:

  • 1 Preliminary Discovery Conversation (Intro and Preparation) – complimentary

We get to know each other better and design your bespoke program together. You decide the frequency of our sessions and gain clarity regarding your goal.

You commit to making Joy your priority!

  •  6 x 60’ Profoundly Transformative Coaching Conversations with the overall aim to Change Your Life with Joy – Honour Your Potential and start manifesting a Better Version of Reality! 

 This program can last from 3 up to 6 months – depending on the pace you feel comfortable with.

We delve deep, identify your unique rapport with Joy, and help you design your own recipe, your bespoke blueprint for joy and happiness, so you can start to Create Your Dream Life accordingly.

 We use powerful techniques, creative activities, and practical coaching tools to help you Find Your True Definition of Joy, (not the one borrowed from society), let go of any feelings of guilt, doubt, or inadequacy, and find the courage to finally listen to your heart.

  • Tailored materials and follow up activities to help you get in touch with your inner source of Joy.
  • Regular contact and Support between sessions to keep you inspired and motivated to make joy your priority.

 Investment: £699 (or 2 instalments x £350)  

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This is all about you!

You are ready to transform your life!

You Start a New Chapter in Your Life!

You Create Your Life with Joy!

I look forward to meeting you and starting this journey together!

Thank you for your trust and for making Joy your priority! 

When you make Joy your priority you allow yourself to be happy, you help all of us, and you help humanity!

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