Staying Positive in a Changing World – Uplifting Coaching Conversations with Silvana


“In order to carry a positive action, we must develop a positive vision.” – Dalai Lama

“In every day, there are 1,440 minutes. That means we have 1,440 daily opportunities to make a positive impact.” – Les Brown

In these times of profound change and uncertainty, staying positive is not only our best bet. It is, in fact, our duty. Giving into fear will only make things worse. To manifest a better reality, we must learn to vibrate at a higher frequency, by consistently choosing peace, kindness, and unity. Above all, we must have faith in ourselves and in humanity.” – Silvana Avram

Would you like to find:

  • A genuine source of constant positivity and inspiration?
  • Thought provoking opportunities to learn, grow, and expand?
  • A special space where you feel supported to ponder and share?

I am inviting you to join me on this brand-new course to talk about:

  • Life, Meaning, Purpose,
  • Our Personal Journey
  • Our Dreams and Hopes
  • Our Strengths and Gifts
  • Our Mortality and Immortality
  • The Common Story of Humanity
  • Living on Planet Earth
  • Our limitless Universe
  • The Joy of Now
  • The Freedom of Living in Eternity

…and so much more!

Join me on this adventure to explore fascinating topics, discover new horizons, feel inspired and empowered in your quest for meaning and be part of a supportive community committed to creating the better world we all want to see!

The aim of this course is, ultimately, to:

provide a nurturing space for deep exploration and sharing, and empower you to:

  • Navigate Life with Trust, Confidence, and Joy
  • Find The Courage to be True to Yourself, Express Authentically, and Live Fearlessly
  • Develop a Strong, Positive Mindset that will help you stay centered in all circumstances
  • Recognize and Honour your Uniqueness and Your Strengths
  • Rekindle your Curiosity and Wonder about the world, the Universe, and our place in it
  • Commit to Always Be at Your Best and Live at a High Vibration of Energy
  • Master the Art of Looking for the Good in Others. Reinforce Trust in Yourself and in Mankind
  • Cultivate Gratitude for Being You, for Life, and for Planet Earth
  • Change your relationship with time – Confront the fear of death, Embrace Life Fully and Contemplate Eternity
  • Acknowledge your valuable contribution to humanity and take responsibility for our common destiny


If this resonates with you, join me on this new series of Powerful Conversations –

a 10 – week Journey of Self-Discovery and Expansion where you will:

  • Be encouraged to reflect on the big topics of Life + formulate and clarify your own answers
  • Shift your perspective about what can be achieved when we trust ourselves and humanity
  • Stay inspired and make surprising, life changing discoveries
  • Feel empowered to share your insights, gifts, wisdom, and achievements with a friendly, supportive group of likeminded individuals

Every session will include:

  • Positivity and fun!
  • An introduction of the topic for discussion with input from various perspectives including Philosophy, Science, Literature, Psychology, Neurolinguistics, Coaching, Spirituality …and more.
  • Inspiring tips and techniques to broaden our horizon and cultivate a positive mindset in all circumstances
  • Proven strategies to recognize and cope with the ambient negativity + develop a consistent positive outlook that will empower yourself and those around you
  • Sharing and support
  • Follow up suggestions for individual reflection

Upcoming dates: 24th February – 4th May 2024

Length of course: 10 weeks.

We will meet every Saturday at 2.00 pm, with a break on the 30th of March.

Where? On Zoom (You will receive the link to join us upon enrolment)

Investment: £199 or two payments of £100

Feel free to spread the word and help me reach more people that could benefit from a healthy dose of positivity!

Above all, this is a wonderful opportunity to grow and explore together!

If like me, you are keen to contribute to manifesting a better reality for yourself, and for humanity, I hope you decide to join me in this beautiful adventure!

Let us start, together, this journey of discovery!

I can’t wait to meet you!

Let us enlighten and support each other, so we can each become stronger in the process, and start manifesting the better world we all want to see!

I am counting on you!


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Who is this for?

This is for you if you:

  • Are looking for inspiration and ways to cultivate positivity in your life and in the world around
  • Are willing to learn and explore topics as vast and deep as Life, Purpose, Time, Contribution, Immortality…and everything in between
  • Are looking for a supportive group of likeminded people to share and exchange opinions freely
  • Want to learn proven strategies and techniques to help you maintain a positive outlook, and minimize stress and negativity – in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere
  • Are determined to raise your vibration, so you can start contributing to creating a better reality for yourself and for humanity

How will a typical session look like?

Our sessions will evolve, and we will constantly adapt our conversations to accommodate suggestions and input from the group, but a normal session will include:

  • Thought of the week – Intro of the topic with various materials carefully selected from sources as diverse as Philosophy, Science, Literature, Psychology, Spirituality …
  • Coaching techniques, exercises, and activities provided by Silvana if/when appropriate
  • Inspiring thoughts to support and enrich our discussion
  • General group discussion and sharing as well as smaller group discussions
  • Feedback and overview

 What if I miss a session?

We will record our sessions so you can still get access to our discussion and materials

You can also get in touch with Silvana to ask questions or share insights

What will happen at the end of the workshop?

We may well decide to continue this adventure and keep the momentum going!

(Dates to be announced in due time)